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Game Day-Air Force U8 House
by posted 11/06/2020

Before the Rink

  • Be well rested (Sleep Effects Performance)
  • Have a nutritious meal to fuel performance
  • Hydrate before and after being on the ice (Water Works).  Have your own water bottle-preferably one that can be used without removing the helmet
  • Have Fun


At the Rink

  • Arrive 15 minutes before game time and follow current TCR SYHA COVID protocols
  • Keep all equipment on and in place once you hit the ice
  • Have Fun


On the Bench

  • Be ready to go on the ice with the stick blade facing down
  • Support teammates
  • Wait on the ice to the side of the bench door to allow teammates on the ice before you get off it
  • Have Fun


After the Game

  • Congratulate the other team
  • Leave the ice surface promptly
  • Remove skates, gloves and helmet and exit the rink in accordance with TCR SYHA COVID protocols
  • Have Fun


Aim High... Fly, Fight, Win-Go Air Force!

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Air Force Goaltenders
by posted 11/05/2020

All players will take a turn as Goaltender. The Goaltender Schedule will be incorporated into our player availability document. When it's your player’s turn they will be Goaltender for the entire weekend (both Sat. and Sun. ice sessions). U8 Veterans will take the first 3 weekends so our Rookies can become familiar with our U8 game format as skaters.

Team Goaltender equipment consists of a chest/arm protector, leg pads, throat protector, blocker (worn on the right hand that holds the stick), catching glove (worn on the left hand) and a goalie stick. Let me know if your player is a left handed shooter and would like to hold the goalie stick in the left hand and catch with the right.  Players can use their own helmet and attach the throat protector with the included laces.

Goaltender equipment will be made available to the player at the Coach's Room at TCR before the 1st ice session of the weekend and should be returned after the last ice session of the weekend to the Coach's Room at TCR. If we have 2 ice sessions the Goaltender for the weekend can take the equipment home.  Coaches will be around to facilitate getting the equipment and perparing the Goaltender for the ice.

USA Hockey Goaltending has a lot of good resources. In the Goaltender Basics area there are videos on introductory skills for goalies. At the U8 level we start to focus on Stance and Positioning. We recommend watching these videos with your child at home prior to their turn in net to get them excited about the position.

The Air Force Coaches

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