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House Juniors U8 Kennedy's Team Blue Goalie Schedule
by posted 01/12/2020

UPDATE: 2020-JAN-18

+ Jack D. to schedule


Note: Mite A & B travel players will be missing on Feb 8th & 9 due to travel tournament schedules.


Upcoming Goalie Schedule

DEC 1st 8:10 AM Jacob
DEC 8th 6:30 AM Agisi
DEC 15th 7:00 AM Caroline
DEC 22nd 7:00 AM Declan
DEC 29th 8:20 AM Jack S.
JAN 4th New Game  Caroline
JAN 12th 8:30 AM Jacob
JAN 19th  8:10 AM Kevin
JAN 26th 7:20 AM Adam
FEB 2nd 7:20 AM Jacob
FEB 8th 8:10 AM Liam
FEB 9th 7:20 AM Dominik
FEB 16th 8:10 AM Declan
FEB 23rd TBD Jack D



(1)  All goalies must dress for practice.

(2)  All goalies must be at the rink 30 minutes before scheduled game time in order to have enough time to dress and be ready to start on time.

(3)  We would like to see all house players try to playing in goal at least once during the season.


Please contact the coaches with which dates your child would like to play.

As always, do not hesitate to contact the coaching staff with any questions or concerns.


Coaching Staff

Alex Kapasouris Co-Head Coach 1.917.660.3232
Jason Hallet Co-Head Coach 1.914.907.6830
John Duffy Assistant Coach  
Pavol Pundzak Assistant Coach 1.203.550.2106

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by posted 01/11/2020

We would like to see our Hockey Players have a fun and positive introduction to the goaltending position.  USA Hockey Goaltending has a lot of good resources for our netminders.  In the Goaltender Basics area there are videos on basic skills for goalies.  At the U8 level we can begin to focus on Stance and Positioning.  We would recommend watching these videos with your child along with trying on the goalie equipment prior to their turn in net to get them excited about the position.

Thanks, the Kennedy’s Coaches

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House Juniors U8 Kennedy's Team Blue Player Availability
by posted 11/29/2019


+Added additional weeks to the Player Availability table.

- Cy will miss tomorrow's game


Greetings Parents!


We hope everyone enjoyed the crisp morning practice.  It felt as if I was back in Canada.  The kids looked to really enjoy all the stations that were set up.


Please review the updated Player Availability chart and let us know if your child will be missing any of the added dates.


Look forward to seeing you at the rink.





YouTube Playlist > SYHA House U8 Juniors 2019-20


Date Opponent Link
2020-01-19 Team 1 Firefighters Red https://youtu.be/XwMxKErdPrw
2020-01-12 Team 2 Vinny's Gold NO GAME FOOTAGE
2020-01-04 Team 4 IDGC Black https://youtu.be/nxvbPZwRiPQ
2019-12-22 Team 2 Vinny's Gold NO GAME FOOTAGE
2019-12-15 Team 1 Firefighters Red https://youtu.be/tgzb9z2VP6c
2019-12-08 Black & Blue vs Gold & Red


2019-12-01 Team 4 IDGC Black https://youtu.be/sQg8Uj64JOU



The table below displays the availability of all players.  We assume that everyone is playing unless they specifically have notified the coaching staff.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Players must be in the dressing room 20 minutes before the scheduled game time in order to be ready for a prompt start.


Special Request to all parents: 

The league would greatly appreciate anyone willing to help assemble and/or tear down the cross-ice boards.  The extra hands really help speeds things up.


Player 26 2 8 9 16 23 1 8 15 22
Agisi   X ? ?            
Callan     X X            
Caroline   X ? ? X          
Dominik   X  


  X   X   X
Jack S.                    
Jacob X                 X
Jack D.     X X            
Robert   X ? ?            



    Going to the game
X   Not going to the game
?   Maybe
-   No game scheduled


Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the coaching staff with questions, concerns or updates.


Look forward to seeing everyone at the rink!


Coach Alex

Kennedy's Team Blue


Coaching Staff

Alex Kapasouris Co-Head Coach alexandros.kapasouris@gmail.com 1.917.660.3232
Jason Hallet Co-Head Coach h.jason@protonmail.com 1.914.907.6830
John Duffy Assistant Coach jpduffyjr@gmail.com  
Pavol Pundzak Assistant Coach pavolpundzak@yahoo.com 1.203.550.2106


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Jason Hallet 
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